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It is natural for human beings to desire love; as the saying goes, ‘love makes the world goes round’. Though it may not be true in the physical or scientific aspect, it may carry some truth for humans who live their lives daily in relationships.

Human interaction

Humans are created to have interaction with one another. There is always some connection between human beings. Special relationships are found between humans of opposite gender as in a love relationship like marriage. There is also the family bond which is part of a loving relationship. No one is an orphan as everyone is connected or linked with another through love. Humans are not meant to live their lives alone; there is an innate need in humans to interact with one another and to express their emotional needs to be fulfilled such as care, joy, sorrow, pain, sacrifice and so on.

Men and women can do many things to inspire or build up love between them, and to avoid the many prevailing problems that tear down their relationship today like financial difficulties, addiction, infidelity, arrogance and abuses. Often times, the solution is very simple and plentiful. You only need to make time for love to grow in you and in your spouse or loved ones.

Am I Ever Going To Find Love


Every person in a relationship has taken on the responsibility to work on the relationship which will keep the involved parties together or apart. Each party has a role to play by caring for the other person instead of adopting a selfish and arrogant attitude. Wives can do simple tasks like preparing a good meal for their husbands where husbands can surprise their wives with something they like, no matter how small or simple the gift may be. Women are more emotional creatures and welcome any kind gesture from their spouse. Even some new and sexy lingerie can encourage a little more romance in the relationship and put it on a more solid platform.

Today, marriage vows are hard to keep but not impossible if both parties stay focused on their vows, taking them to heart and commitment. It is both parties’ responsibilities to deliver the vows to the other party. Love is about up building the other spouse and not the self.

There are many ways to keep your love aflame for your loved ones.

Will He Ever Come Back After A Bad Break Up

Honesty in Love

Honesty is the best policy as the adage goes. Both parties need to accept each other as they are without trying to change the other. It is hard to keep up a pretention or a charade. When you are honest in love, you will feel free to be yourself and you will find true love because you will attract those who enjoy what they see or know of you.

All humans know and must learn to accept that no one is perfect; not even the self. So, how can one demand or insist perfection from another? Only God is perfect. We can only work to be the best as happily as we can so that we can enjoy our lives with our loved ones.

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So you want to make some money betting on horses? Whether it be thoroughbred, Quarter horse, Harness Racing, or Natural Hunt you want to master 'The Sport of Kings'. At the Kentucky Derby at ChurchHill Downs, the Melbourne Cup in Australia, or the Cheltenham Gold Cup in the UK you'll see the many betting options. Straight Up, Daily Double, Quinella, Exacta, SuperFecta, Trifecta, Boxed bet or Pick Six to name a few. But how do you decide on which horses to place bets on and be 'In the Money'. Here are some factors to consider and tips on placing wagers.

1. Get a copy of the free or online version of the 'Racing Post' or Racing Form

This is an invaluable tool. It is usually found in the leading newspapers focused on horse racing. They will even have copies at the track. Usually only the top tipsters are in this listing. They forecast the winner in a part of the 'Racing Post' called 'The Selection Box'. Look for horses that many forecast as the potential winner. The 'Racing Post' is a very good source.

2. Take a Tour of the Paddock

Be at the paddock entrance when the horses arrive. Look at each horse closely and look for positive or negative signs. Things like nerves, scent of liniment, excessive sweating, or foaming or drooling at the mouth are negative and are worth noting. Positive signs are neck bowed, prancing, a focused look, shinny coats and dapples. Watch for any of these signs all the way out to the track.

3. Check the distance of the race

Some horses are better at different distances. Whether it is 5 furlongs or 3 miles you have want to know if a horse will weaken down the stretch or not have enough time to short it's true form. In the racing form you will usually see the last 3 races the horse ran. If it did well in a prior race at a similar distance that is a good sign. If the horse has not raced at today's distance recently you should factor that into your decision and do more analysis.

4. Look at the horse's form

A 'C' means the horse has been a winner over this particular course at sometime in the past. The 'D' means he has been a winner over the distance of today's race is being run. If C or D (or preferably both) appears then this is a strong indication that the horse should be considered.

5. Who is the Jockey for the race?

If you want a strong finish you need a good jockey. Otherwise the horse may not run up to it's potential. In the racing form they will compare the jockeys. Some will be more experienced than others. Check out who will be riding each horse in a racing field, usually there will be some well known names that stick out above the rest.

6. Look at the favorite

Favorites statistically win close to 30-40% of the time. There could be a super favorite. This one may be way above the rest of the horses in that particular race. There also may be several favorites for a particular race. If that happens be very careful with your selection. If you are more advanced you may want to think about a Trifecta or Quinella for that race.

There are ways to lower your risks and make consistent winnings betting on horses. But you need to know the basics and also you need to know the secrets of betting on horses. This will make the difference between 'Getting Lucky' and producing consistent results. Everyone wants to strike a winner and everyone wants to be a Super Punter so use these tips to help you get better results.

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Secret Survey by Michael Fiore

Secret Survey by Michael Fiore